Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Preventing Courier Journal Embarrassment

You have got to the kidding me! Read this, from today's Louisville Courier Journal editorial page:

The current budget crisis is really a test of what legislative independence has become. For more than 30 years, lawmakers pushed for control. Now they have it. But when it comes to the budget, they squander it.

One frustrated legislative staffer recently described how some members operate. He fumed, "Once upon a time, you didn't even have to tell (legislator's name withheld to prevent embarrassment) what was in the budget. Now you have to give him a state park to get him to vote for it."

It's nothing new to see the Louisville Courier Journal (newspaper's name not withheld to maximize embarrassment) carry water for another bloated state legislator, but this is ridiculous and precisely why we need more government transparency than the bloated class wants to allow us now.