Monday, January 28, 2008

Closing Libraries In Casino-Rich Illinois

Evanston, on Chicago's North Shore, should be close enough to the economic development opportunites brought by casinos that they would be swimming in cash by now.

Alas, it isn't so. They are negotiating instead how to get by on a combination of property tax increases and spending cuts, which include closing two public libraries.

Governor Steve Beshear is expected to lay out part of his plan tomorrow night to make Kentucky a rich casino state like Illinois.

One other interesting proposed cut I found was this one:
Carroll said she hopes to save $300,000 by dropping a contract with a health insurance brokerage firm and having the city negotiate health coverage contracts directly.

Why on earth is a city the size of Pikeville paying anyone $300,000 to help them pick out health insurance plans?

This is why I think a good solid fiscal crisis would be a great thing for Kentucky. Getting all the various interest groups to stop ravaging the taxpayers and to, instead, start in on each other is not only more fun than watching demolition derby, it is the only way we are going to get things out in the open and start cutting out the real waste.