Monday, January 06, 2014

Tea Party rally on Thursday in Frankfort

Obama and Beshear need you to believe the fight is over. The fight is not over.

In fact, right now we are much closer to winning the ObamaCare battle and turning back the tide of big government than ever before. Beshear needs to slip legislative approval and funding for his grand schemes past us in the weeks ahead and he knows it. Not even House Democrats appear willing to bail him out now.

So they are stuck trying to shout us down. Our fellow Kentuckians see the all-out assault on conservatives and they wonder if we will stand strong.

We will.

Please join a rally in support of conservative values in state government in opposition to ObamaCare, Common Core, reckless spending, higher taxes, immoral and unaccountable government officials and their disregard for human life and liberties at the State Capitol Rotunda in Frankfort on Thursday January 9 at 11 am ET. (Click here for a Facebook event page.) While opponents of freedom hope to keep us divided and demoralized, let's take the fight to them as only we can. Let's show them trying to defeat us is a pointless exercise on the wrong side of history.