Friday, January 31, 2014

Kentucky's questionable ObamaCare stats worsen

Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear's latest ObamaCare sign-up claims suggest there have been no policy cancellations at all in the first month of the federal healthcare takeover. Such a claim simply holds no water.

A CNN report Thursday suggested large chunks of ObamaCare pre-enrollments nationwide never paid their January premiums. Kentucky ObamaCare officials said any policies without a January premium payment would be canceled as of three weeks ago, but the Governor's press releases do not reflect any.

As of today, Beshear claims 44,160 Kentuckians are covered by ObamaCare insurance policies. Two weeks ago, that number was 39,771. On December 31, he said 31,672 were "enrolled." And these numbers ignore, of course, the 280,000 Kentuckians forced off their coverage in 2013 by ObamaCare.

The Governor's office has refused to answer multiple requests for information this month about policies canceled for non-payment.