Monday, January 27, 2014

Kentucky Constitution Section 230 to the rescue

Kentucky Constitution Section 230 states "no money shall be drawn from the State Treasury, except in pursuance of appropriations made by law." This presents a major problem for our biggest ObamaCare fan.

Despite false claims repeated unquestioningly by state media outlets, the Commonwealth is spending money right now out of the General Fund to pay administrative costs of ObamaCare. These expenditures were never approved by the legislature.

Beshear estimates he will spend $21.5 million on this mess by June 30. It's already too late to legitimize this spending and there is no chance the legislature would give it to him anyway to blow on ObamaCare.

Beshear will send his flunkies to a legislative hearing on February 10 to get approval for Medicaid Expansion in the next fiscal year. This is a great opportunity to draw attention to the illegal spending already underway.

Please make plans to come to room 149 in the Capitol Annex in Frankfort at 1:30 pm on Monday February 10. The Kentucky Supreme Court has been made aware of Beshear's lawbreaking and should officially stop it later this spring, but a strong showing at the Annex can help shift the momentum and change the conversation. Let's do this.

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