Monday, January 20, 2014

Pivotal day tomorrow in Kentucky ObamaCare

On Tuesday January 21, Governor Steve Beshear will release his budget proposal for the next two years in Kentucky. It will include many millions of dollars for ObamaCare. There is ABSOLUTELY NO CHANCE the legislature will vote to approve that. This is why we are suing to get Kentucky out of ObamaCare and why, despite an overwhelming spin job by the Governor and all his people, we will win if we see this through.

Beshear has already violated his oath of office and Kentucky law to try to force ObamaCare on us and sneak it past the courts. The media will again be very slow to pick up the facts, but the "dead on arrival" status of his ObamaCare funding request Tuesday will open the door for us. For those who have fought this fight with me every step of the way, it has been brutal and often frustrating. But we are approaching the last hill. We must push on through.

Please share and forward this message so more of our fellow Kentuckians take courage and know our Constitution stands strong and so do we. Propaganda can not defeat us and craven politicians will not. Please contribute what you can to the legal battle so we can clarify again limits to executive branch power. The only language the political class understands is brute force and that takes money. Every dollar counts now in the home stretch. Please give what you can by clicking here.