Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Beshear's ObamaCare budget "DOA"

Governor Steve Beshear should give up his doomed state funding request for ObamaCare.
"Not even the two or three dumbest, weakest Republican legislators are dumb or weak enough to buy into ObamaCare and Beshear needs them all," said Tea Party activist David Adams. "Way too many at-risk Democrats hope he won't even ask them, but Beshear thinks he has to ask."
If the General Assembly does not fund the ObamaCare exchange in this year's budget bill, Kentucky's state-run exchange must fold and we will default to the federal exchange, in compliance with the Affordable Care Act. If the General Assembly does not fund the Medicaid expansion, Kentucky must reverse several clumsy steps taken to opt into that program, which was made optional by a 7-2 Supreme Court vote.
Hundreds of millions of dollars are at stake.
The Kentucky Supreme Court has been preparing since October to hear arguments over both ObamaCare actions. Without legislative approval, there is nothing in Kentucky law that saves Beshear's attempt to force Kentucky into ObamaCare.
"We still need the Court to clarify limits on the Executive Branch in Kentucky," Adams said. "Governor Beshear was so desperate for an accomplishment, he got a little crazy. Frankfort does that to people who hang around too long, I think."
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