Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Kentucky ObamaCare's Theater of the Absurd

To call Kentucky's media coverage of ObamaCare horribly embarrassing is an insult to what any parent felt watching Miley Cyrus "perform" at the Video Music Awards. Gov. Beshear has ignored the law, lied in court, helped blow up our health insurance market and then took off on a national barnstorming tour declaring victory over the wreckage with no meaningful media scrutiny whatsoever.

But all that was before Murray State University's NPR station got involved today with a story headlined: "More West Kentuckians than expected sign up for Kynect."

The story in no way backs up the crazy false headline, but it does pile on some additional crazy. And falsity.

Apparently something called West Kentucky Allied Services has received 300 applications through the state's ObamaCare web site. Seriously, that's the big news in this story. That doesn't even mean 300 people have actually signed up for anything. Or ever will.

The story then quotes program manager Jackie Eubanks gushing "Our governor embraced the program from the very beginning" and concluding "folks at the state seemed to be pretty well organized."

The story concludes with Eubanks stating that people who don't get federal subsidies for their ObamaCare health coverage "pay prices equivalent to those found on the open market."

Asking this reporter or the program manager what that even means would be equivalent to watching drunk college kids on The Tonight's Show's "JayWalking" segment.

You can read the story here.