Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Kentucky is Ground Zero for new fight

Gov. Steve Beshear needs a bailout for his ObamaCare health exchange already and he is not likely to get it.
Kentucky will be charged with generating tens of millions of dollars to fund the new bureaucracy starting January 1, 2015, which means House Democrats and Senate Republicans must agree in the upcoming budget session starting in three months to find that money and then spend it on ObamaCare.
Fat chance.
"Gov. Beshear created this mess illegally and I hope the Kentucky Supreme Court clarifies the law for him very soon, but even if they don't there is no way the legislature plays along with this fool's errand," said David Adams, plaintiff in two ongoing lawsuits against ObamaCare in Kentucky.
"This is national news if you think about it at all," Adams said. "Kentucky is ground zero for stopping ObamaCare and this is just the beginning for dismantling big government in America with proper use of constitutional protections. Stay tuned."