Thursday, October 24, 2013

Kentucky ObamaCare crash and burn

Kentucky's media folks are setting the bar on the ground and rolling Beshear's ObamaCare operation over it in order to manufacture a victory.

The numbers they reported today are horrible: 26,174 "enrolled" in three weeks and 21,342 of those are in Medicaid. First, much of this is fraud. But even if we take it all at face value, this means only 4832 Kentuckians got health insurance in three weeks from a program that has been hyped, subsidized, editorialized, memorialized and tearfully praised across the nation and by President Obama himself. That's barely 200 people a day for what is supposed to be a no-brainer and practically free. And some 1000 a day into Medicaid with no cost.

They literally can't sell this stuff and can barely even give it away.

And the puny distribution is really beside the point. If the Kentucky Supreme Court does not follow the law and throw this whole mess out, the 2014 General Assembly must BOTH ratify Beshear's bogus executive order redux - in and of itself illegal - and fund the exchange's operations and those of the Medicaid expansion in the 2014 budget bill. There is no way either of these things will happen.

Best case scenario, Beshear will be back in court next year defending his violations of state law with his opportunity to sell the unseen no longer an option.