Monday, October 28, 2013

Jack Conway and his penny loafers

Just sent a request for an attorney general's opinion to AG Jack Conway, who wants to be governor after ObamaCare hero Gov. Steve Beshear retires in 2015. What follows is the text of the request:

Jack Conway,
On page 25 under paragraph (c) of Regulation 907 KAR 20:100 filed for consideration September 30, 2013 by Governor Beshear, tens of millions of dollars in immediate, new unappropriated Medicaid administration costs are described in detail. I have requested of the Governor to know where will that money come from in the current budget and by what statute is its expenditure justified, but have received no answer. In your opinion, is such an unappropriated expense -- created as this is without following proper administrative review procedures as required by KRS 13A -- a lawful function of a governor's executive powers?
Thank you for your consideration and swift response to this important issue as it clearly needs immediate resolution.
David Adams

I can't doubt Conway at this very moment is hiding in a men's bathroom stall in the State Capitol with his feet up on the toilet seat hoping no one can find him to ask an ObamaCare question. Nevertheless, answering questions like this is what he is paid to do. Waiting...