Saturday, October 12, 2013

Beshear's bad ObamaCare timing

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear really doesn't want to hear you complain about ObamaCare anymore.

In two state court challenges to Beshear's illegal ObamaCare implementation earlier this year, he asked for citizen complaints to be rejected because, he said, we don't have the right to complain against his official actions regardless of their illegality. Of course, his anti-American argument was rejected twice.

Apparently, Gov. Beshear wants another bite at the apple.

Late Friday, Beshear filed a last-minute appeal to ask the Kentucky Court of Appeals to muzzle us by ruling citizens don't have legal standing to sue the governor when he violates state law. Beshear's legal team, which is paid for by taxpayer dollars, is simply trying to distract attention from his attempt to throw us into ObamaCare without legislative approval and delay further the legal butt-kicking he and his absurd arguments so richly deserve.

And he is trying to do this now that the ObamaCare health insurance premiums are available for all to see how ridiculously unaffordable they are, despite his wild, unfounded promises that hundreds of thousands of us would benefit. So if you are keeping score, that's illegal official actions blowing up Kentucky's health insurance market at great expense to taxpayers, lying to cover it up and now multiple attempts in the media and in court to tell Kentuckians to sit down and shut up.

Just keep talking, Governor.