Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Worley Is Toast, Lundergan Rocked. Bad Day For Dems

While Kentucky Democrats try to figure out which voice to use in the 2006 elections (and notwithstanding some wishful thinking in setting up Senate challenges) the big news is that Senate Minority Leader Ed Worley is in big trouble. There is no other way to view the Senate races this year. Senators Kerr and Buford drew interesting challenges, but should prevail rather handily. Barry Metcalf will dispatch newcomer Albert Spencer and then defeat what is left of Worley.

The House races will be a lot more difficult to handicap, but the year is definitely looking like a winner for the GOP. It won't stop the spinners from trying to prop up the Dems, but today will ultimately be just another case of close but no cigar as they lose the House this year.