Thursday, January 05, 2006

KY Democrats Have Their Wedge Issue

House Speaker Jody Richards (D-Bowling Green) should be unveiling Democrats' grand scheme to lock in teachers' union volunteers for their fall campaigns. They are talking about raising teacher salaries in budget-busting fashion.

I'm not surprised to see the party that hears "education priorities" and thinks "money, money, money" ramping up another effort to play to the KEA gallery by talking about 15% pay increases rather than somethiing that would actually improve education in Kentucky.

This only works for them because most people don't realize that Kentucky teachers are not the 34th best paid teachers in the nation as we continue to hear.

They would be, if we ignore both employee benefits and economic reality. In the real world, Kentucky's average teacher pay plus benefits (and figuring in relative cost-of-living expenses), Kentucky's teachers rank 5th best compensated in the nation.