Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Big Labor Strikes Back Against Consumers

As union membership in Kentucky has fallen below one-tenth of the state's workforce, political theater has replaced reasonable discourse on the left.

Kentucky AFL-CIO head Bill Londrigan said "I think we made our point emphatically, that when Governor Fletcher takes on the working families of the commonwealth, they're going to fight back."

Actually, it is the big unions that are taking on the working families of the commonwealth. When union wages get passed along to Kentucky consumers, it is the 90% of us who suffer because of the lobbyists who prop up the 10% who agitate.

Rep. J.R. Gray (D-Benton) is probably going to lose his House seat this year. His role in killing Right to Work in his Labor and Industry Committee will be part of the reason for his removal. Supporters of Right to Work legislation don't need to rent buses to go scream and yell at the Capitol. They need to send a few dollars to Gray's opponent Marvin Wilson, who lost narrowly to Gray in 2004.