Wednesday, January 25, 2006

House Digs Up Dead Law, Passes It Again

Back in 1990, Kentucky enacted a law called "No Pass, No Drive." It was an attempt to cut down drop out rates by suspending the drivers licenses of minors failing to make adequate progress toward a high school diploma.

It didn't work.

When the law was pulled off the books in 2003, it was found to be totally ineffective at keeping kids in school. In fact, the law was widely ignored by young drivers. Erstwhile students continued to drive until they were caught by police. Then they went to court to convince judges that a hardship necessitated keeping them on the road, despite the law.

So fast forward to 2006. Just yesterday the House voted 82-14 to dredge up this waste-of-time law. It is easier than actually doing something to improve education in Kentucky. Let's hope the Senate straightens this out.