Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Will Obama come to church in Kentucky?

Cigarette smoking is a pretty popular activity in Kentucky. Meanwhile, health insurance rates are about to go  up dramatically for all Kentuckians, but supposedly even more for smokers under an ObamaCare rule (45 CFR 147.102). An interesting twist in the form of an exception to this new rule could stir up controversy within an Administration already rocked by abuses of the Internal Revenue Service and federal officials dropping in unwanted on personal interactions.

This federal rule defines "tobacco use" as "use of tobacco on average four or more times per week within no longer than the past six months."

This is not only ridiculously impossible to monitor (unless the NSA gets involved, perhaps) but it gets sillier. Language in the rule provides exemption to the definition of tobacco use for users engaged in "religious or ceremonial use of tobacco."

How long will it take for health insurance discount seeking smoking aficianados across the Commonwealth to band together and create "churches" devoted to religious
tobacco use?

Yet another reason to get government out of the business of health care and insurance.