Thursday, June 06, 2013

Protecting Kentucky's oath of office

A court hearing July 15 in Frankfort will challenge long-held tradition shielding legislative leaders from lawsuits when they ignore their oath of office.

"To the extent Kentuckians are aware of the oath of office at all, most of us just know the anachronistic prohibition on fighting duels but it also requires protection of the Constitution," said David Adams, plaintiff in two lawsuits challenging the legality of ObamaCare implementation in the Commonwealth.

"Legislative rules have been changed to tolerate lawlessness among legislative leaders and reward violations of the Constitution," Adams said. "We have an opportunity to bring this out in the open and fix it for the benefit of all Kentuckians, so that's the plan."

The hearing will take place during Judge Phillip Shepherd's July 15 motion hour starting at 9am ET at the Franklin County Courthouse, 669 Chamberlain Avenue in Frankfort.