Monday, June 24, 2013

Beshear's ObamaCare "exchange" gets temporary stay of execution

Franklin Circuit Court Judge Phillip Shepherd today granted Gov. Steve Beshear additional time to "prepare" for legal arguments on his ObamaCare "exchange" mess that he now can't win.

Last Wednesday, Beshear conceded all the objections against his illegal 2012 executive order seeking to create an ObamaCare health benefit exchange in Kentucky. He then immediately reissued essentially the same executive order, which is also against the law.

This extra time to do his homework on the case doesn't change anything. The only detail left to determine is the date of death for Kentucky's dalliance with the dramatically underfunded mandate of the state-run health exchange.

Please spread the word. It's now time to turn our focus to shutting down the Medicaid expansion here.