Thursday, June 13, 2013

An email from Mary Lyons, Lexington

Printed with permission:

Just called Gov. "Chicken Biscuits" office and spoke with Katie Mueller re: the court hearing on Monday and told her I was the lady that called yesterday in re: to the Obummercare Medicaid Exchange and saw that he had a court hearing for Monday at 9:00 A.M. at the court house and she "wasn't aware of a court hearing." 

I told I just called to make sure that he was going to be at this hearing because as a Kentuckian I want to hear what he had to say about this and how it is going to affect many Kentucky taxpayers. She said she didn't know about his schedule and that he has legal counsel that would take care of it, but I pressed her and said that he needs to be there because he is the one being sued and Kentucky needs to know what he is up to. 

She said that it was his decision that they were going to accept this exchange regardless. I said, without the vote of the Legislature? She got real good and agitated and said she wasn't going to argue with me about it. I asked to speak to his secretary after she said she didn't have his schedule for Monday, so I could confirm that he was going to be there and she would not transfer me to "Chicken Biscuits" secretary. 

I said, as a Kentuckian taxpayer I have a right to know if the Gov. is indeed going to show up for a court hearing that is as important as this that will affect Kentucky for years. She repeated that the Exchange will be accepted and there is nothing we can do about. God only knows if Governor Chicken Biscuit will show. 

What a freaking coward! I am so glad you sued him. I hope to be there on Monday, if I don't have jury duty. I was chosen for jury duty for the month of June in Fayette County. I love jury duty, I consider them Divine Appointments. I pray that you will have a good day. Stand strong, don't get discouraged or anxious, trust God and obey and He will give the victory. Just keep in mind: GOD HAS EVERYTHING UNDER CONTROL, when we don't think He does. This is the one thing that brings me great joy every day I get up. GOD IS AN ON TIME GOD.