Monday, June 03, 2013

Beshear shows signs of Battered Democrat Syndrome

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear has sent a letter to the Obama Administration begging them not to kill off the coal industry once and for all.

Click here to read the letter.

Too little, too late doesn't even begin to cover the psychosis evident in such an effort by the head of the Kentucky Democratic Party. Indeed, what the hell is he thinking?

Beshear campaigned vigorously for Obama's re-election and has flouted state law and the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Kentucky to cram Obama's fanatical agenda down our throats and now he wants to seriously make people believe that he is standing up to prevent his promised death blow to Kentucky coal.

Now is the time to melt the phone lines in Frankfort and Washington D.C. Call your representatives, call the Governor, call your federal representatives. The political class sleeps while Obama and the global warming hysterics turn the lights out in Kentucky and push us back into the 18th Century.

This is how the two party political system conspires to destroy America. Pick just about any issue. You will find one party slashing and burning producers and consumers and the other party giving lip service while collecting "protection" money. The net effect is both vultures pick the carcass clean and then move on to another piece of meat.