Monday, March 14, 2011

Tea Party call to action

Kentuckians must decide now to stand up to brazen Frankfort politicians and their expensive ways. When a thief breaks into your home and steals your television, at least you know how much you have lost. But when politicians get together and start scheming, whether they are banning legal products or mandating extra costs onto every day activities, getting a handle on how much it will cost you over time can be much more challenging.

Huge multimillion dollar spending projects, usually sold to unsuspecting taxpayers as entertainment or, worse, economic development vehicles have gained favor with big-spending politicians in recent years. The losses for taxpayers stay hidden behind long-term bond deals and rosy projections that it will all work out eventually.

A recent example of this big-government charade can be found in Corbin, Kentucky. You probably won't be surprised to learn that the building in question is named after a certain Frankfort politician who wants to be Kentucky's Governor.

A monument to wasteful and corrupt state government in Corbin could play a role in the state's gubernatorial campaign, Republican Tea Party gubernatorial candidate Phil Moffett said on Monday.

The Arena at the David L. Williams Southeastern Kentucky Agricultural and Exposition Complex has cost state and local taxpayers millions of dollars in taxes, interest and operating losses since the state legislature changed Corbin to a fourth-class city in 2006 to implement a restaurant tax to begin funding for the building.

"Naming rights alone for this building could be worth many thousands of dollars, but Kentucky taxpayers were forced in 2008 to give it to a politician who is running for governor," Moffett said. "My opponent hasn't reported the value of this donation on his campaign finance reports, so apparently he feels entitled to the whole thing. These ruling class politicians just don't get it, do they?"

Phil Moffett is running for Governor so we can put a stop to these ridiculously unbelievable, but true, stories of official misconduct. Phil's campaign is picking up great momentum, but he needs everyone who wants the Republican party to stand for more than nominating by seniority to stand with him now. Please tell your family and friends that the Tea Party has more work to do in Kentucky. Please click here to donate to the campaign; any amount will make a difference. Please click here to listen to Phil's Monday interview with Mandy Connell on Louisville's WHAS.