Thursday, March 10, 2011

Phil Moffett on Leland Conway Show

Kentucky's 2011 legislative session came to a grinding halt yesterday in a dispute over funding for Medicaid, borrowed money and minor spending cuts. The disaster continues on Monday in a special session sure to feature more of the same heated campaign rhetoric.

Tea Party Republican gubernatorial candidate Phil Moffett took to the airwaves in defense of taxpayers. Phil appeared yesterday on the Leland Conway Show on WLAP 630 AM in Lexington.

"It really mirrors the federal level fight we're having," Phil said. "It's a relatively small amount of money we're talking about, less than a percentage point of our total budget. How these gentlemen can not come up with a reasonable alternative to cut these costs just goes to show you that they don't have the backbone to balance our budget in the long run. We need to make some changes."

Phil Moffett has been talking for months about a better, permanent solution to this latest spending battle among the Frankfort politicians. The Kentucky Club for Growth took note of this back in January. None of the Senate Republican agenda passed, as expected. Wouldn't it have been better to have spent all this time talking about real fixes rather than having to listen to Williams and Beshear go on and on about statewide smoking bans and keeping cold medicines out of the hands of innocent people?

"There is a failure in Republican leadership and there is a failure in Democrat leadership as well," Phil Moffett said. "These people are not serious about doing cost-cutting and they continue to bury us in debt. I don't see how we as taxpayers can have any confidence that they'll do a better job in this special session or down the road to make the changes necessary."

Indeed, we can't have any confidence in the current leadership in Frankfort. They need to listen to the people and engage us in the conversation rather than pulling these ridiculous political stunts. Overspending and debt are bankrupting the state while they are arguing over who gets to pick out drapes in the Governor's Mansion.

Kentucky needs a leader who will make decisions based on principle, not politics. The ruling class politicians still haven't gotten the message.