Sunday, March 13, 2011

Phil Moffett on Louisville radio

Kentucky's Tea Party gubernatorial candidate Phil Moffett will be a guest on the Mandy Connell Show on WHAS radio Monday morning, March 14 at 10 am ET. You can tune in on 840 AM in Louisville or listen online at The show will be archived in case you miss it.

The response to Phil's positive message is growing stronger every day and it isn't hard to see why. Phil supports taking control of Kentucky's fate away from ruling class politicians and restoring it to the people and the principles of smaller government we can afford with a tax code set up to let the private sector create jobs, an education policy that rewards creativity and problem-solving instead of just getting by and a state government unafraid to fight against bad federal policies like ObamaCare and the EPA's war on coal.

With little more than two months before the primary election it is clear Kentucky Republican primary voters see this race increasingly as between the worst of the big-spending, tax-raising Frankfort establishment on one hand and the Tea Party's Phil Moffett on the other.