Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Questions David Williams can't answer

Senator Williams, you have claimed that you didn't know anyone would abuse the pension bill you pushed through in 2005 that would triple your pension if you get elected governor. When did it occur to you how much money you would make by abusing it yourself?

Senator Williams, after Gov. Steve Beshear used your own pension grab bill to attempt to take over the state Senate by throwing taxpayer cash at Republican Senators, you tried to repeal the pension grab, but Speaker Greg Stumbo wouldn't let you. Stumbo is already set to get paid an Attorney General's salary every year for the rest of his life because of your actions. Do you consider Stumbo smarter than you or just luckier?

Senator Williams, because of your vote on legislative pensions Kentucky taxpayers would have to pay you a governor's salary for the rest of your life if you were elected to one term as governor. When did you realize that was going to look really bad?

Many more of these to come...