Sunday, March 06, 2011

David Williams has already lost

David Williams' legislative pension chickens are coming home to roost while he is still busily trying to count his unhatched legislative pension eggs.

WHAS radio talk show host Mandy Connell asked the question at last night's Bullitt County GOP Lincoln dinner.

"You also have some votes in the past that have led to a legislative pension situation where legislators are double-dipping and triple-dipping and going back for other pensions. How do you reconcile where you have voted in the past that would not necessarily jive with some of the things you are saying now? How does that go together?"

Williams asked her to be more specific, which is fair, but it was also very funny to watch for those who knew what what coming (and knew that he knew too.)

"The legislative pension system allows for a high three situation that has been abused by legislators who are now receiving huge pensions because of a rules change that you in previous years have voted for."

Williams then spent the next five minutes rambling about the abuse being "unanticipated," blaming the problem on Steve Beshear and then trying to change the subject with a bunch of nonsense about actuarial assumptions and by stating falsely that the legislature has adequately funded the pension system over the years.

The bottom line is there is no way for Williams to wiggle out of the fact that he pushed through HB 299 in 2005. He knew what the bill would do but he didn't care because he wanted the money. Inexplicably, he thinks Republican primary voters are too stupid to figure this out.

If Williams is elected governor, because of HB 299, you will pay him his governor's salary every year for the rest of his life. He has known this question was coming for a long time and he clearly has no good answer.

Ten weeks to election day. Should be fun.

If you have been hesitant so far to get on board with Phil Moffett's gubernatorial campaign, now is the time.