Friday, January 09, 2009

No story here, move along

Former Fayette County Detention Center Major Tommy White has resigned abruptly this morning from his position as Interim Bourbon County Jailer.

White previously resigned abruptly from the Lexington jail as the federal investigation into inmate abuse there escalated.

Bourbon County County Judge assistant Carrie McCall at first declined to comment on the resignation other than citing "personal reasons." Upon further questioning, she denied the resignation had anything to do with a rape at the Bourbon County jail.

That denial, one assumes, would also cover the rape of an inmate at the jail on Tuesday in which a deputy jailer observed the crime and told the inmate to "quit squirming."

In an interview today, White said his resignation was dated 12-29-08 and had nothing to do with anything that happened this week. He said he will cooperate with state police and that he is considering rescinding his resignation.