Monday, December 22, 2008

Why transparency is needed in Kentucky schools

Kentucky Education Commissioner Jon Draud has been a disaster.

His taxpayer-provided luxury car is still in his driveway. His sneaky sick day grab was caught and returned to the taxpayers only to be given back to him by the General Assembly.

And now we find out he is being given a glowing review based on two do-nothing task forces he set up. From the Courier Journal:
"The state board evaluated Draud in August and was supposed to present him with the findings at its October meeting, which was postponed because of his stroke."

"In his evaluation, board members applauded Draud's effort in starting two major task forces: one on improving low-performing schools and another looking at the state's assessment and accountability system."

If Kentucky school systems and the Kentucky Department of Education were required to post every single expenditure of taxpayer money within a week of contracting to spend it or, in the absence of a contract, writing the check, it would be much easier for taxpayers to keep track of what is being done to them.

We can talk about good government all we want to. But until the blinders are taken off, nothing will stop this kind of thing from happening over and over.