Thursday, December 11, 2008

Responses coming in on Beshear tax hike scheme

Rep. Bill Farmer knows taxes. In addition to his legislative duties, he is a tax accountant in Lexington. Farmer isn't impressed with Gov. Steve Beshear's plan to raise the cigarette tax and empty out the Rainy Day Fund rather than cut spending enough to match projected revenues:
"The Governor's proposal is horrible policy. It fails to address the underlying problem and if things don't get better immediately he will have used all of the tricks in the bag."

Further "tricks" at that point, of course, would be further tax increases.

House Minority Whip Stan Lee says Beshear's plan is "hypocritical."

"They say that it's about getting people to stop smoking, but it's really just about the money. If they wanted people to stop smoking, they would try to make smoking illegal," Lee said.

Speaker Jody Richards said:
"The House has a record of strong leadership in these matters. Last session, we expressed our support for additional revenue by passing a cigarette tax to avoid disastrous cuts in education and human services. We in the House have not shied away from the tough decisions when it means doing what is best for Kentucky."