Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Evidence that newspaper bailout is next

Lexington Herald Leader columnist Tom Eblen makes the case for bailouts by hitting all the favorite talking points:
"How did we get into this mess? Corporate greed and incompetence, for sure, as well as some irresponsible consumers."


Wait, it gets better:
"The Wall Street meltdown can be traced to greed and abuse made possible by deregulation and lack of government oversight. And if government had pushed harder for tough fuel economy standards — or helped fund innovation the way Japan has done with its automakers — the Big Three and the rest of us would be in a lot better shape now."

What, not even one mention of Barney Frank and the unions?

Instead, let's change gears to socialized medicine:
"Why should businesses bear that burden? If government took more responsibility for managing health care with private providers, many people think both quality and coverage could be improved. Freed from those benefits burdens, companies could be more competitive globally. Plus, think of the entrepreneurial potential that could be unleashed if so many workers weren't tied to jobs they hate by fear of losing health care benefits."

After all this, I wasn't convinced that something is driving the Herald Leader to distraction until I read the big finish. I read it ten times and still couldn't pull anything particularly coherent -- or maybe just useful -- out of it. Any help?
"Like many Americans, I'm uncomfortable with government trying to manage big business. But if government would use this opportunity to learn how to do a better job of governing, we might be spared more corporate bailouts in the future."