Thursday, December 11, 2008

No relief from welfare for illegals in Kentucky

U.S. District Court Judge Karl Forester has dismissed Dr. David Duncan's lawsuit against LFUCG and the state of Kentucky for illegally providing welfare benefits to illegal aliens.

Dr. Duncan is considering an appeal, but similar efforts elsewhere have gotten stuck in the same bureaucratic web.

Dr. Duncan said:
"The LFUCG and state will not enforce illegal hiring practices. Neither government will enforce federal immigration laws as demonstrated by Beshear's, Newberry's and Conway's stated policies. Now the door has been closed for one citizen's request for relief from the District court to enforce the laws restricting public benefits to ineligible recipients. My interpretation of these collective practices is that Kentucky and Lexington clearly fit the definition of Sanctuary status and are determined to be safe havens for illegal immigration."

"I've taken this to its logical conclusion for being one voice, one citizen."

"On the local, state, and now the federal level there is the not the political will to stop illegal immigration into Kentucky or address the drug cartels, prostitution, human trafficking, or gangs. I've spoken out on all three levels. The point has been made. There are 4,241,000 Kentuckians and 271,000 Lexingtonians who need to address the issues if they see an existing problem. I think I've carried the water about as far as I can. It would seem that there isn't the majority who will stand up on the issues and carry the water any further. Sadly, we will all suffer the long term negative consequences. Our politicians, at all levels, are content to betray their duty to protect the citizens."

"The cowardice of hiding behind the excuse, "its a federal issue," is both unpatriotic and treasonous. They would, of course, need to know the definition of these two concepts to understand them but, after all, those in Kentucky are products of the failed Kentucky education system. What can you expect?"

"I'll need to give careful consideration to my options but for now I plan to enjoy the holidays with my family. Fortunately, I am fluent in Spanish so the transition to our new Hispanic culture won't be too hard."