Thursday, November 29, 2007

Courier Journal Nails Harry Moberly

It's nothing personal coming from your pals at the Louisville Courier Journal, Rep./Vice President Moberly, but they see the conflict of interest in your latest coup.
This is not, Speaker Jody Richards insists, a conflict of interest. He says, "Harry is a very fair-minded person," and that's true. For example, he was open to funding the University of Kentucky's "top 20" plan because it promised specific, quantifiable results on a schedule that makes UK accountable. He also seems to understand the concept of "mission differentiation," which in budget terms means recognizing that not all campuses can be all things to all people. He seems to understand that "mission sprint" at "comprehensive" institutions like EKU could jeopardize fidelity to their specific regional missions.

Still, it's difficult to see how the public is supposed to see his new dual roles as anything but a clear conflict. Maybe it's one he is qualified to ignore, but it's there, and it will justify even more scrutiny than his legislative decisions have been given in the past.

Past legislative decisions? Try this one. And some people think they really want him with more power?

Moberly should choose between serving as Executive Vice President at Eastern Kentucky University and serving in the state legislature. Failure to drop one or the other is a clear conflict of interest. Public protection laws were never intended to be applied on a case-by-case basis.

I especially appreciated the Courier's headline "A duck is a duck." Next time you see Harry waddling along, just say "quack, quack."