Monday, July 23, 2007

Making Kentucky Schools Better 2007-2011

The Lexington Herald-Leader has challenged the gubernatorial campaigns to talk about education:

Fletcher needs to explain how he would reverse the backsliding of his first term, and Beshear needs to spell out how he'd do better.

I can't agree more than halfway with the premise that we have backslid under Governor Fletcher. The education establishment which has used its decades at the helm of Kentucky's schools far more effectively to hold us back than anything Fletcher has done since December of 2003, can't really complain about too much except for the use of the ACT exam to better measure achievement.

And I think that is the best thing we have done in a long time.

We must demand that both candidates address education plans for the next four years with specifics. And if Governor Fletcher is looking for another area of his campaign to fine-tune, school choice is just sitting there waiting for him.