Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Courier Journal Hides Truth In Plain View

Okay, let's say you see a headline in a newspaper that -- oh, I don't know -- carries the water for Kentucky's liberals day in and day out. The headline looks pretty innocuous. In fact, it reads "U.S. seeks $1.4 mil. over Broadway Cinemas."

Snore, right?

Unless you really care about something called Broadway Cinemas, you could be forgiven for not even reading the story.

But let's say you do anyway. Here it is:

The U.S. Attorney's office in Louisville is suing Raymond M. Burse, Gerald A. Neal, and Walter P. Porter of Louisville, seeking nearly $1.4 million for the Small Business Administration.

The government claims the three guaranteed an SBA loan to the company that attempted to develop a former Winn-Dixie grocery at 13th and Broadway into Broadway Cinemas.

Burse, Neal and Porter have not made payments to the SBA since 2001, the government claims. In addition to $1.39 million, the government seeks daily interest of $189.57 since May 31.

Of those who managed to get past the bland headline, how many people realized "Gerald A. Neal" is a liberal state Senator from Louisville?

Neal should have to declare this as an in-kind contribution to his re-election campaign.