Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Stonewalling on Faked ABC News Memo?

When ABC News reported on March 18 about a so-called "GOP Talking Points Memo" related to Terri Schiavo, skeptical bloggers started searching for evidence of its true source. The Washington Post has picked up the story. Can the media feeding frenzy against ABC News be far behind?
It won't be good for ABC News if their actions can be compared to the CBS News' faked National Guard memo from last fall.
ABC claims "very reliable, multiple sources" in the flap, but stops short of naming any of them. Linda Douglass, the ABC reporter who first brought out the questionable memo is "out of the country."
In Lexington, WTVQ news director Tai Takagashi said of the controversy "It rings a bell, but we haven't been talking about it here."