Thursday, March 31, 2005

KEPT Men: Miller and Stumbo Sue, You Pay

Under fire for his misstatements about money-losing "Kentucky's Affordable Prepaid Tuition" program, State Treasurer Jonathan Miller took to the airwaves yesterday to defend his role in a lawsuit over the future of KAPT.
Miller told listeners to WVLK's Kruser & Krew show that he is still upset that bipartisan efforts in the legislature reversed Miller's $13.7 million raid on Kentucky's General Fund and prevented future such raids. This effort survived despite Miller's intense media campaign to justify spending taxpayer dollars endlessly on future KAPT losses.
Miller surely doesn't expect to win his ill-advised lawsuit against the General Assembly. More likely, he expects to keep spinning against the facts of the case and run as a hard-charging battler of the system in his future campaigns. It will be interesting to see how much Miller's silly lawsuit (filed by Attorney General Greg Stumbo) will cost Kentucky's taxpayers.
Call it Kentucky's Extravagant Politicians Tax. KEPT men Miller and Stumbo aren't worried about who pays for this bit of campaigning. We'll keep you posted.