Saturday, March 26, 2005

Great Fiscal Policy

Thanks to Jeff Smith for this post about Social Security. ---

The Socialists like Ben Chandler say it's not a retirement fund.
They call it "insurance". What they conveniently leave out of
their claim that it's insurance is that insurance companies have
the ability to pay out claims due to their INVESTMENTS! Hello!

Our Congress, that screws up everything it touches, borrows from
SSI, to fund everything under the sun, and replace our money with
IOU's. Insurance companies INVEST our monies so it grows. They
make huge profits, claim recipients get huge checks, and the system
is solvent.

Again, the private sector proves it can manage anything better than
the public sector. Hello! But woe be unto anyone who even thinks of
touching the holy grail of American socialists, Social Security and
Medicare. You must be a "baby killer" or a "racist" or "Hitler" if you
want to touch SSI. It is broken. What do we do when our car breaks?
We fix it right?


And he sends along this link that just makes too much sense.