Thursday, March 24, 2005

Kathy Stein Binge and Purge: Schiavo and Roe v. Wade Out?

The only thing stranger than Kathy Stein's column in the Lexington Herald Leader calling for the murder of Terri Schiavo because some of Kathy's friends were bulimic in the 1970's was her contention yesterday on Sue Wylie's show on 590 WVLK that states' rights should rule supreme on the issue of Terri's life or death. Could Rep. Stein, an ardent pro-abortion activist, have gotten her talking points mixed up? Roe V. Wade prevents states from enacting life and death laws related to abortion. Does Stein want badly enough to give that power back to the states so Terri Schiavo can be starved to death, that she is willing to allow states to prevent the murders of innocent unborn children?
She would, one presumes, claim now that states' rights apply to killing inconvenient sick people while federal law must apply to killing inconvenient unborn children. Who is playing politics now?