Friday, March 18, 2005

Reform Opponents Turn on Each Other

This video clip shows President Bush knocking another Social Security question out of the park, while liberals still claim to be winning on the issue. In fact they are showing the video to each other as if it somehow justifies their obstruction, by pointing out the Bush quote "Personal accounts do not solve the issue" without including his next statement that "Personal accounts will make sure that individual workers get a better deal." The President is initiating the conversation for a permanent solution to unfunded liabilities in entitlement programs and his opponents are playing politics. Come on, guys. You have no credibility when you insist there is no reason to do anything and you still refuse to discuss the issue rationally. Put aside the hatred for President Bush and listen to his words. He is inviting you to help find a solution. Bogus commentary like this from the New York Times doesn't help anything. Read this angry letter from Sen. Joe Lieberman that confirms what the rest of us already knew: the Social Security problem is getting worse while the obstructionists in Congress are playing political games.