Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Robert Stivers falling hard for ObamaCare

Kentucky Senate President Robert Stivers, an embarrassingly moderate Republican, is trying to quietly soften up members of his caucus so they might cave in to Gov. Steve Beshear on ObamaCare early in 2014. Fortunately, his plan is not going well.

Beshear needs the Senate to go along with his 2013 interim reorganization executive order creating Kynect, the Kentucky state-run ObamaCare exchange. If they don't, the executive order will expire and take the exchange and the funding mechanism for the exchange with it. When federal money runs out at the end of 2014, the federal government will be forced to take over paying for the exchange.

Beshear has talked Stivers into trying to bail him out of this mess before it explodes in the open, but almost no Senate Republicans are taking the bait. Stivers is selling a left-wing talking point that the state can run the exchange on a 1% tax on insurance premiums -- which is not true -- while a federal exchange could cost as much as 3.5%. There are two points he is trying to gloss over here -- first, ObamaCare participation is so low in Kentucky -- due to outrageously high premiums -- that Kentuckians as a whole will certainly be better off joining the three dozen other states opting out of the exchange and facing no drain on our state budget to prop up the Obama/Beshear pipedream than they will be if Stivers has his way. Second, if an Oklahoma lawsuit to be heard in federal court early next year is successful in forcing the letter of the ObamaCare law to be followed and ObamaCare penalties to be disallowed in states on the federal exchange, victimization of Kentuckians by this horrible law will be mostly eliminated when we shut down Kynect.

The vast majority of Americans are unified in defeating ObamaCare and for very good reasons. If you are represented by a Republican in the Kentucky state Senate, please call him or her and urge standing strong against Beshear and Stivers in their ObamaCare mischief.