Monday, December 09, 2013

Good morning, Al Cross!

Courier Journal political columnist Al Cross has been a rather energetic supporter of ObamaCare in Kentucky and somewhat resistant to seriously exploring evidence strongly suggesting his enthusiasm may have been misplaced. In a weekend blog post, however, Al shows signs of gaining a wider perspective:

As for Kentucky specifically, "Although a Kynect spokeswoman said the exchange has dealt with only 'minor issues' since it started sending enrollment files to insurers a month ago, she didn’t indicate whether those issues had resulted in flawed forms or if they’d been resolved."

Tony Felts, a Kentucky spokesman for Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, told Politico that it's too early to say if the problems have been solved: "In general, the situation is the same for the state-run exchanges as it is for the federally facilitated exchanges."

Over the next couple of weeks, these problems and others with the Kynect debacle will become even harder to ignore. Hold on tight for a very bumpy ride.