Monday, December 02, 2013

Public comment period on Medicaid expansion ends today

Just sent the following message regarding Kentucky's proposed Medicaid expansion to the Office of Legal Services in Frankfort as part of the public comment period for this huge waste of public money:

Expanding Medicaid as this proposed regulation attempts to do is a terrible idea with very negative fiscal implications for the Commonwealth. Statute requires administrative review of this action and same cannot legally be completed in time for a meaningful and legally required review process to be completed before the January 1 effective date. We lack funding in the current budget to pay the Medicaid administration costs immediately created by this regulation and the likelihood the legislature, which has not been consulted on this matter previously, will agree to fund more of the same in the next biennium is nonexistent.
This whole exercise has been a waste of time in contemplation of a waste of unavailable resources. We must end it now.
Thank you,
David Adams
121 Nave Place
Nicholasville KY 40356

You may do the same today until the close of business by emailing Tricia Orme at Reference 907 KAR 20:100.