Friday, December 06, 2013

Beshear upstages Obama with new health law lie

We already know that you can't keep your health insurance for much longer as ObamaCare rolls in. We. Already. Know. That.

Everyone capable of passing the fog-a-mirror test understands President Obama was lying when he said "if you like your plan, you can keep your plan." So it was noteworthy that Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear went to Washington D.C. yesterday to buck up congressional Democrats and tell them the tide will turn politically when eighty percent of Americans realize the "Affordable Care Act" does not affect them.

What planet are these people on?

ObamaCare is decimating health care providers and health insurance consumers as we speak. One-year delays (illegally implemented, I might add) have served to temporarily distract a lot of people who will no longer be distracted in just a matter of months.

Beshear's only hope is that mainstream media tolerance for being used like a bunch of two dollar hookers remains firmly in place long enough for some kind of point of no return to be reached. Fortunately, there really isn't one.