Sunday, July 14, 2013

Kentucky's pusillanimous potentate, Steve Beshear

Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear responded to simple discovery questions this weekend with an objection stating that he is being oppressed in his illegal effort to implement ObamaCare in the Bluegrass State.

"Plaintiffs' insistence upon answers to their discovery requests is therefore oppressive and unduly burdensome," Beshear stated through his attorney.

The questions Beshear is so afraid of include "State whether one or more employees of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, while working for or being paid by the Commonwealth, expended time on researching, preparing, typing, printing, distributing or implementing Governor Steven Beshear's Executive Order 2012-587" and "Please provide a complete copy of all contracts entered into by the Commonwealth of Kentucky for use by the Kentucky Health Benefit Exchange created by Executive Order 2012-587, with any seller or distributor of Blackberry or similar cellular telephones as well as with any provider of cellular phone service."

It's certainly understandable that the Governor would be terrified. Beshear refused to answer any of eight such questions.