Friday, July 26, 2013

Beshear preparing to shut ObamaCare Exchange

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear has removed responsibility for Kentucky's unconstitutional Medicaid expansion from his illegal Health Benefit Exchange, we learned today.

That's probably a good idea because a hearing in Franklin Circuit Court on Thursday, August 1 could result in the state shutting down it's ObamaCare "exchange."

And that's very likely to happen because the Constitution sets clear boundaries between the authority of the legislature and the Executive Branch.

"If the Governor's challenged actions are upheld, the Legislative Branch would become irrelevant," said Michael Dean, attorney for the tea party plaintiffs.

Completing the application process for Medicaid, now the job of the Department for Medicaid Services, was made more difficult today by a ruling opening the door for finding that process unconstitutional before state bureaucrats can complete their work.