Monday, July 08, 2013

Another embarrassing Beshear gambit

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear must be a terrible poker player.
Beshear, through his attorney in his quixotic legal effort blow up Kentucky's Medicaid program with hundreds of thousands of new recipients under the ObamaCare trainwreck, has attempted weakly to trick the plaintiff in Adams v. Beshear 13-CI-605 to throw away his case on a series of lies perpetratrated by Beshear.
"There are no material issues of fact in dispute," Beshear's attorney, Patrick Hughes, wrote today in a proposed order. "Therefore, there will be no discovery between the parties."
Nice try, Governor.
The first material issue of fact in the case is that Beshear has taken no action to effectuate the optional ObamaCare Medicaid expansion. Beshear's attorney made this claim in court and in writing and it is false. Discovery will show that. Beshear also claimed Kentucky can back out of the Medicaid expansion if (when) we find out that we can't afford it. This is also false, a fact also to be made clear in the discovery process. Beshear's attorney just got finished claiming in court that there is no factual record for the court to consider and that he should be handed the win as a result.
And now he wants to shut down the case before that same relevant information is placed on record with the court.
"There is a fine line between being overly bold and being stupid," David Adams, plaintiff, said. "I hope the Governor thinks twice before crossing it again. His unlawful actions are bad enough and don't need to be compounded by legal shenanigans. Kentuckians should be disgusted by this behavior and I think Gov. Beshear owes us all an apology for trying to subvert justice in this embarrassing fashion."