Monday, July 22, 2013

Beshear sends ridiculous letter

Governor Steve Beshear has refused to answer even a single discovery question in our lawsuit to stop his illegal creation of the ObamaCare Kentucky Health Benefit Exchange, so when I got a letter from his attorney today chastising me for investigating his unconstitutional Medicaid Expansion I had to laugh.

"Showing up unannounced at the offices of the Health Benefit Exchange is not an appropriate way to obtain information so long as your lawsuit is pending," wrote Beshear attorney Mark D. Guilfoyle. He asked me to submit questions to him in writing, including open records requests.

My suggestion to Mr. Guilfoyle (and Mr. Beshear hiding behind Guilfoyle's skirt) is that he (or perhaps, they) take the earliest possible opportunity to travel to somewhere near the middle of Mammoth Cave underground without navigational tools of any kind.

Click here to read the whole letter.