Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Very interesting email

Just got the following message on Facebook:

Subject: Upcoming McConnell Protest - Read Disclosure though!

This group is made up of a diverse members that agree that Senator Bunning "was right" when he opposed the financial industry bailout. He really was and history will prove it!

It follows logically that Senator McConnell "was wrong" when he bowed to the financial industry and strong-armed the bailout.
I'm writing to let the Anti-McConnell crowd know about an upcoming protest of the Senator outside his speaking engagement at the upcoming U of L Brandeis School of Law Graduation on May 9th in Louisville.

However, I don't want to trick anyone...This protest is specifically targeted at Sen. McConnell's stance on the Defense of Marriage Act (DoMA) which I'm pretty sure Sen. Bunning shares as he voted YES on constitutional ban of same-sex marriage. and voted NO on adding sexual orientation to definition of hate crimes. So if you are responsible and progressive like me, despite Sen. Bunning's act of courage, I hope you'll be joining me in supporting Jack Conway for that Senate seat, as well as helping us protest McConnell at the event linked below.

If you are conservative when it comes to social justice, please forgive this heads up, and keep up the fight against stupid government bailouts! And if you're a Republican, please don't make it a partisan issue, you have many allies across the aisle that oppose corporate bailouts.

I'm not going to the protest, but I appreciate the approach. What do you think?