Wednesday, April 15, 2009

CJ tactics take a turn for the worse

The last few weeks I have seen left-wing writers go from dismissive to beyond vulgar in their description of those of us who don't like our politicians' power growing by taking more of our money and giving it to their big donor groups with failed business models.

I'm talking, of course, about the Tea Party movement. Until a friend filled me in yesterday, I never thought of a tea bag as anything other than something with which to make tea. Turns out another use for the term "teabag" is as a verb; a rather homoerotic verb. Check out Urban Dictionary if you have to, but you will probably be sorry you did.

Anyway, the Louisville Courier Journal got in on the fun today, referring to "the anti-tax set's tea party and teabag talk."

My question: did a 250 word editorial really need to add "and teabag" to make clear the disdain they feel for people who disagree with them? Is the Courier Journal editorial board calling people who participate in Tea Parties homosexuals or are they trying to make some other kind of statement about what they think we do in the privacy of our bedrooms?

If the Louisville Courier Journal wanted to have a serious discussion about governmental functions, I would welcome it. If, at the very least, they intend to portray more than a flair for odious bathroom references, the editors should apologize for this latest offense.