Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Educrats spin, Herald Leader bites

The Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence put out a press release Tuesday as part of their continued effort to divert attention from their years-long effort to promote the discredited CATS testing program despite the facts.

"It will be similar to scoring the state department has used for years,” said Bob Sexton, the Prichard Committee’s executive director.

We know, Bob. That's precisely why the legislature voted unanimously just last month to stop wasting valuable time and money on CATS. Why are you wasting our time and your donors' money on the same silliness now?

Incidentally, the Lexington Herald Leader appears to have taken this stunt seriously. Funny.

The Bluegrass Institute's education analyst Richard Innes offered some much-needed perspective:
"Because the CATS’ aim was clearly faulty, legislators decided to relieve our teachers from its burden as much as possible while we develop a better set of education standards and a new test. That way, teachers can start to benefit right away from the latest developments in instructional research."

"But, facts never stopped die-hard CATS fans before. Now, those CATS fans would continue the myth and continue aiming our teachers in the wrong direction."